Chip Shot: Intel Unveils 8-Core Processor Gaming Monster at PAX

Haswell EP and HEDT 8-core Die Shot 2.jpgIntel just announced its first 8 core, 16 thread gaming monster -- otherwise known as the Intel® Core™ i7-5960X processor Extreme Edition desktop processor -- targeted at hardcore gamers, multitasking mavens and 4K video enthusiasts. During a keynote by Intel VP Lisa Graff, Alienware*, Cloud Imperium*, and Playful* discussed the benefits they are seeing with this new platform. Intel’s booth features systems from several manufacturers using this new processor family running popular games such as Lucky’s Tale*, Superhot* with the Oculus Rift*, Dark Souls 2* and Titan Fall*. Intel will also demonstrate gaming while streaming via Twitch* on a new Intel Core processor Extreme Edition-based system in the booth. Get more on the new processor family and check out info on PAX.