Why GeForce Is the Graphics Platform of The International 2018

The International, the world’s largest esports tournament, is upon us.

Since last year’s iteration of this epic DOTA 2 event, Valve introduced the Pro Circuit, which came with significant changes. The best DOTA 2 squads fought through 11 majors and 16 minors around the globe to earn points to qualify for The International 2018, or TI8.

The final 18 teams are about to compete in Vancouver – for the first time on Canadian soil. The ever-rising prize pool is already over $22 million. Observers project it will match or exceed the $24 million record set last year in TI7.

We’re as excited as any esports fan for the biggest DOTA 2 event of the year and can’t wait for the action to begin. We’re happy to announce that GeForce is once again the graphics platform of The International with GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GPUs and Acer 240Hz G-SYNC Predator monitors  powering the event.

GeForce Esports at The International

The best esports teams in the world all choose GeForce and we’re thrilled that four squads from the GeForce Esports family are competing in TI8. Top DOTA 2 teams Newbee, Team Liquid and Team Secret all received invites, thanks to their triumphant play in the DOTA 2 Pro Circuit. TNC Pro took a separate route and qualified through the Southeast Asia qualifier.

We’re beyond proud of the work each team has put in to get this far. Besides hardware support for each GeForce Esports team, NVIDIA also offers training in the form of GeForce Esports boot camps in preparation for tournaments. To this effect, Team Secret will be boot camping in the HQ GeForce Esports studio starting today ahead of TI8.


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E3: Everything Gaming Is New Again

You have our permission to be excited.

The gaming community’s annual pilgrimage to Los Angeles for the Electronic Entertainment Expo is upon us. And we have a ton of announcements, exclusive gameplay, exciting contests and more.

NVIDIA Ansel and Highlights Showcase Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Following up on the announcement that NVIDIA is collaborating with Square Enix, Eidos-Montréal, Crystal Dynamics and Nixxes as the official PC partner for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, NVIDIA announced today at E3 that the game will support NVIDIA Highlights and Ansel. This means gamers will be able to capture and share all of Lara’s defining moment as she becomes the Tomb Raider.

We also debuted the first Ansel photos on SHOTWITHGEFORCE.com and an incredible new gameplay reveal video for Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Stay tuned for “first looks” as press and influencers get the first ever PC hands-on exclusively at NVIDIA’s suite.

First Ever GamePlay Reveals and PC Hands-On and More

In addition to bringing you the Shadow of the Tomb Raider PC gameplay reveal, we also revealed exclusive gameplay from two of EA’s hottest new titles; Battlefield V and Anthem.

Battlefield is one of the world’s most popular first-person shooter franchises with more than 54 million players. Following up on our recent announcement that GeForce GTX is the PC platform of Battlefield V, we revealed Saturday, an exclusive PC gameplay video of the game captured on a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti.

Anthem is EA’s shared-world action-RPG were players assume the role of a Freelancer who leaves civilization behind, explore a landscape of primeval beauty and confront the dangers they find. With the game’s first PC Hands-on powered by GeForce GTX 1080 Ti at both EA PLAY and NVIDIA’s E3 suite, we released Monday an exclusive PC gameplay reveal for EA’s newest IP.

Follow our NVIDIA GeForce YouTube channel for more exclusive game reveals and developer interviews throughout E3.

New Games with NVIDIA Ansel and Highlights

NVIDIA Ansel and NVIDIA Highlights, both part of GeForce Experience, continue to gain momentum. Adding to the already impressive list of Ansel titles including Star Wars Battlefront II and Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition, we announced Ansel support for Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

We are also excited to announce that Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Dirty Bomb and Switchblade will join mega-hits Fortnite and PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds in allowing gamers to automatically capture their greatest in-game moments with NVIDIA Highlights.

Access your highlights using the GeForce Experience overlay, choose a clip between 5-15 seconds and share as a gif to Facebook, Google Photos or Weibo for your friends to enjoy. Now you can even annotate your gifs with GeForce Experience 3.14.

E3 is Game Ready with GeForce GTX

Want to find GeForce at E3? You can’t miss us. We kicked off E3 by powering EA PLAY where gamers got hands-on with the hottest new EA titles, including Anthem, Battlefield V (check out this gameplay video), FIFA 18, Madden 18, and more all powered by a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti.

On the E3 show floor, GeForce GTX is powering the latest games from the industry’s biggest publishers including Bethesda, Ubisoft, Warner Brothers, Devolver Digital, Frontier Developments, Focus Home Interactive, Konami, Bigben Interactive and many more.

If you want to see more GeForce GTX gaming rigs, visit Dell / Alienware, HP at DXRacer or Lenovo booths.

E3 2018 #GameReady Contest: $100,000 in Amazing Prizes

We want to celebrate E3 and all the great gaming announcements with all of you, even those who cannot make it to E3. Our ”E3 is #GameReady” contest is back this year with over $100,000 in prizes up for grabs. For a chance to win, just tell us which E3 games you’re excited to play on PC by tweeting @NVIDIAGeForce with both hashtags #GameReady and #E32018 or by subscribing to our NVIDIA GeForce YouTube channel and leaving a comment on any E3 2018-related video.

It’s that easy. Prizes include:

For full terms and conditions on our “E3 is #GameReady 2018” contest, click here.

At NVIDIA, gaming is in our blood. It’s at the core of everything we do. We’re looking forward to sharing our hard work with the world at E3 2018.

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Out of the Darkness: Shadow of the Tomb Raider Gets NVIDIA Ansel and Highlights

Gaming is core to who NVIDIA is and what we do. This includes helping developers optimize their games for the PC. One perk to helping developers is seeing games early, and I’ve already played a little bit of Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

So I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that the next installment of the TOMB RAIDER franchise looks absolutely amazing. You’ll want to share with your friends the moments when Lara Croft becomes one with the jungle, and conquers even the most brutal tombs.

Sharing those experiences will be easy for you as the game will support NVIDIA Highlights and Ansel.

We announced this news today at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2018. It comes thanks to our collaboration as the official PC partner with Square Enix, Eidos-Montréal, Crystal Dynamics and Nixxes, the game’s creators.


NVIDIA Highlights will automatically capture key moments in the climactic conclusion to Lara Croft’s origin story using ShadowPlay technology. It’ll present you with a highlight reel, so you can relive your experiences or share them with GeForce Experience directly to Facebook, YouTube or Weibo.

NVIDIA Ansel is a revolutionary way to capture in-game photography. It lets you release your inner artist, so you can capture Lara Croft, treacherous tombs and a living world in one-of-a-kind high-res photos that can be shared on social media or www.shotwithgeforce.com.

NVIDIA Ansel lets you capture Lara Croft and treacherous tombs in one-of-a-kind high-res photos that can be shared on social media.

Our booth at E3 is the only place where press can get their hands on Shadow of the Tomb Raider on PC. Websites, print publications and YouTube channels from all over the world are making their way to our booth to experience it firsthand.

You can see the incredible new Shadow of the Tomb Raider in our exclusive gameplay reveal video or look for more coverage and first impressions coming from media publications worldwide.

We’re helping the development team of Shadow of the Tomb Raider make Lara’s defining moment an incredible PC gaming experience. This collaboration brings all the benefits of the GeForce gaming platform, including GeForce technologies, GeForce Experience features, Game Ready Drivers and much more to deliver the definitive PC version for the TOMB RAIDER series.

We can’t wait to share at E3 the work we’ve done so far, and give you a look at this stunning new game.

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NVIDIA’s Ultimate Gaming Platform Comes to Ultimate Tech Trade Show

Whether you’re looking for motherboards or mice, cables or computer cases, you’ll find it — or get lost looking for it — amid the massive displays crowding the floor of Computex, one of the world’s largest trade shows, this week in Taipei.

To help gamers navigate, we’ve woven a single, bright green thread through the miles of chaos. Follow it and you’ll find offerings from the best gaming hardware companies in the world — 15 in all. You’ll see how the ultimate gaming platform is being supported by each of gaming’s top brands.

Here’s how to see all of them, from stunning new G-SYNC displays to thin new Max-Q design laptops to powerhouse systems built around our GeForce GTX GPUs.

Joining is simple. Visit the booths of any of our partners at the show to download a mobile app that will guide you to kiosks inside the booths of top hardware brands.

Check out NVIDIA 4K G-SYNC HDR demos at any two partner booths and take pictures with props to get two partner stamps. Or take pictures of yourself with an NVIDIA Max-Q design gaming laptop to get one partner stamp.

Finish your stamp collection and go to the NVIDIA counter to redeem your gift and share a photo of the experience on Facebook. You’ll also get a bonus stamp to enter the daily draw for a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti.

When you’re not on the show floor, here are some more ways to keep up on the action:

  • #IWANTMAXQ — No spoilers here. But look for plenty of new Max-Q design laptops at Computex. Follow this hashtag to learn more about the latest thin and light laptops — at Computex and throughout the year.
  • #UltimateGeForce — Before, during and after Computex, follow #UltimateGeForce to keep up on all things GeForce.
  • Pop-Up Events — We’ll be hosting exclusive pop-up events at some of Taipei’s hottest venues highlighting the portability of GeForce GTX 10-series gaming laptops with Max-Q design.
  • YouTube — Online personality Joeman will use Max-Q laptops to go head to head against a special guest while enjoying some of the best Taiwan has to offer (we won’t spoil the surprises, but beef noodles may be involved).

So whether you’re tuning in virtually, or just looking for help navigating the show, tune in for news on the best gaming displays, the best mobile gaming products and the best gaming platform.

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Pulling the Plug on GPP, Leaning into GeForce

A lot has been said recently about our GeForce Partner Program. The rumors, conjecture and mistruths go far beyond its intent. Rather than battling misinformation, we have decided to cancel the program.

GPP had a simple goal – ensuring that gamers know what they are buying and can make a clear choice.

NVIDIA creates cutting-edge technologies for gamers. We have dedicated our lives to it. We do our work at a crazy intense level – investing billions to invent the future and ensure that amazing NVIDIA tech keeps coming. We do this work because we know gamers love it and appreciate it. Gamers want the best GPU tech. GPP was about making sure gamers who want NVIDIA tech get NVIDIA tech.

With GPP, we asked our partners to brand their products in a way that would be crystal clear. The choice of GPU greatly defines a gaming platform. So, the GPU brand should be clearly transparent – no substitute GPUs hidden behind a pile of techno-jargon.

Most partners agreed. They own their brands and GPP didn’t change that. They decide how they want to convey their product promise to gamers. Still, today we are pulling the plug on GPP to avoid any distraction from the super exciting work we’re doing to bring amazing advances to PC gaming.

This is a great time to be a GeForce partner and be part of the fastest growing gaming platform in the world. The GeForce gaming platform is rich with the most advanced technology. And with GeForce Experience, it is “the way it’s meant to be played.”

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HTC and NVIDIA Give Major Boost to High-End VR

For VR to be an immersive experience, your visual, auditory and tactile senses need to convince your brain that it’s in a believable environment. The new HTC VIVE Pro VR headset, powered by NVIDIA GPUs, makes a persuasive argument.

The device, announced at CES, improves display resolution by nearly 80 percent compared with its predecessor (2880 x 1600 resolution vs. 2160 x 1200).

It’s a major leap forward for commercial VR, where the demands of customers, developers and VR enthusiasts require the best visual clarity, the best audio and the highest degree of comfort.

How Does Increased Resolution Improve the VR Experience?

The VIVE Pro’s increased display resolution, while keeping a similar screen size, leads to a dramatic increase in pixel density, which is measured in pixels per inch (ppi). The VIVE Pro features 615 ppi — 37 percent more than the original VIVE.

The increased pixel density results in a clearer VR headset image. Lines appear sharper, objects are more distinct and individual pixels are less apparent. And this fidelity improvement helps convince the brain that the user is in a virtual world.

Higher VR Resolution Demands a Powerful GPU

VR headsets require powerful GPUs to refresh at the 90 frames per second needed for a smooth, comfortable experience. With 78 percent more pixels, VIVE Pro raises the GPU performance workload to the next level — and NVIDIA GPUs deliver.

For an optimal experience with the VIVE Pro, NVIDIA recommends NVIDIA Quadro P5000 or higher professional GPUs, and the GeForce GTX 1070 or above for VR enthusiasts.

These GPUs also feature hardware support for NVIDIA VRWorks technologies, which enable the highest level of VR fidelity.

HTC VIVE Pro VR headset

VIVE Pro and NVIDIA Holodeck at GTC

The latest in VR technology is on display at GPU Technology Conference, taking place through March 29 in San Jose. To see where VR is headed, GTC attendees can experience VIVE and Vive Pro across the show floor powering VR for education, hardware, design, medical, military and gaming.

In the VR Village at GTC, attendees also can experience a virtual tour of Ready Player One featuring NVIDIA Holodeck and VIVE Pro*.  Based on never before seen 3D assets from Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One movie, set for release on March 31, up to three players are transported into Aech’s basement for an escape room-like experience with an amazing level of immersion and visual fidelity.

Learn more about NVIDIA VR Ready GPUs, VIVE Pro and GTC.

* HTC VIVE is the official VR partner of Ready Player One.

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Winner Winner, Schnitzel Dinner: Gamers Get Peek at What’s Next at Gamescom

Some will quaff the crisp Kölsch. Others will sample the savory pork knuckle. But all of the 350,000 gamers crowding into Cologne this week for the world’s largest gamer gathering will feast on the latest that gaming has to offer.

With PC gaming thriving like never before, we couldn’t wait for Gamescom 2017 to begin — so we didn’t.

At a pre-show event this weekend, attendees heard from the developers of Destiny 2, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Shadow of War and FINAL FANTASY XV WINDOWS EDITION — announced with a stunning 4K trailer revealing the game will launch early next year and be packed with NVIDIA GameWorks technology.

Gamers at the event got hands-on with all these titles, as well as Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, Forza Motorsport 7, Need For Speed Payback, Lawbreakers, Project Cars 2 and more.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Gets NVIDIA ShadowPlay Highlights

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has caused a worldwide sensation since its release in March on Steam’s early access platform. It’s made history as one of only three titles to break 600,000 concurrent players on Steam.

With every update now eagerly anticipated, Gamescom was the perfect event at which to announce that NVIDIA ShadowPlay Highlights is now in the multiplayer online battle royale automatically capturing video and screenshots of your greatest achievements.


You only need to hear a snippet of Final Fantasy’s signature title screen music to know you’re in for another epic journey. And with over 135 million units sold worldwide, a lot of fans share this feeling. Now PC gamers can join the adventure with FINAL FANTASY XV.

With full support for GeForce Experience, and the combination of Square Enix’s cutting-edge Luminous Engine and NVIDIA GameWorks, this is the definitive version of the game. With native support for 4K and 8K resolutions, as well as HDR10, the world of Eos will look stunning. And with NVIDIA Ansel support, sharing your adventures is easy.

New Games, New Feature for Ansel

You’ll also be able to flex your creative muscles with support for Ansel, our in-game photo capture tool, in Monolith’s Middle-Earth: Shadow of War and Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2018. Whether you’re capturing a glimpse of Shelob or framing your 40-yard screamer at the Nou Camp for posterity, we can’t wait to see your screenshots.

And Ansel will keep on getting better with the introduction of AI Style Transfer. Once you’ve framed the perfect shot, just use this new feature to pick a painting from your favorite artist. GeForce AI then transforms your snapshot into a masterpiece in the unique style of the artist you’ve selected.

Get Ready for Destiny 2 with GeForce

Let’s not forget one of the most eagerly awaited titles of the year: Destiny 2. Bungie’s seminal shooter is having its PC beta next week (starting August 28 for those with Early Access). We’ve also announced that HDR and SLI support is coming, together with the latest Destiny 2 bundle. Buyers of select GeForce GTX 1080 Ti and 1080 GPUs, systems, and laptops, will get the game at PC launch.

We’ll also be giving some lucky GeForce Experience users early access to the beta. So, make sure you’re registered and keep your fingers crossed. And everyone trying the beta should make sure they download the Destiny 2 Beta Game Ready Driver on August 24.

Follow Us for the Latest from Gamescom

This is just a snapshot of what’s already come out of Gamescom 2017. Stay connected to NVIDIA through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see more behind-the-scenes stories throughout the week. You can also find in-depth articles on the above games, technologies and more at www.geforce.com.

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World’s Largest ‘CS:GO’ League Selects NVIDIA GeForce

The stakes are high. The crowds — online and off — are enormous. So the gear better be great.

That’s why the world’s top Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams will battle it out in the sixth season of the ESL Pro League for a $1 million prize pool on rigs equipped with our GeForce GTX GPUs.

ESL Pro League trophy
The world’s top CS:GO teams will battle on GeForce GTX rigs in the sixth season of the ESL Pro League for a $1 million prize pool and a cool trophy.

ESL’s events fill stadiums, attract elite players with huge followings and draw online audiences measured in the millions. This is the third year we’re working with ESL, the world’s largest esports company. They are, by any measure, one of the world’s foremost sporting organizations.

We couldn’t think of a better venue for our technology — both on and off the sport’s electronic playing field. ESL requires gaming performance for its pro players and gear that can reliably serve up content to vast audiences online.

“NVIDIA GeForce is synonymous with PC gaming, which is the number one platform for esports,” said Ulrich Schulze, senior vice president of products at ESL. “Pro players competing in our tournaments expect to play on NVIDIA GPUs, because GeForce GTX provides the performance and reliability they demand to excel at their games.”

GeForce GTX GPUs will also support some of the biggest events in the ESL One series, including ESL One New York and ESL One Hamburg in 2017. Our technology will be put to work powering top tier competition in both Dota 2 and CS:GO. In addition, GeForce GTX is the official graphics platform for The International DotA 2 Championships/Majors, as well as at Blizzcon.

ESL Pro League Season 5 was the most watched yet. With the inclusion of YouTube streaming, its online audience grew more than 17 percent compared to the previous season.

We think this year’s competition will be the biggest — and best — yet.

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Fans Freak Out at PDXLAN with Unexpected Giveaway

Some hollered. Others hooted. Other just bowed down before NVIDIA’s Tom Petersen as if he were some kind of digital deity.

“Oh my gawd,” one gamer shouted.

We didn’t know that giving away these USB drives — detailed, reduced-scale reproductions of our award-winning GeForce GTX Founder’s Edition graphics cards — would spark an epic round of meticulously crafted miniature memory madness at PDXLAN.

But maybe we should have suspected it.

Best part, none of the more than 500 hardcore PC enthusiasts gathered in Portland for the four-day gaming event saw this coming. That is, until we wheeled out a cart loaded with hundreds  of these collectibles.

“Here’s what we’re gonna do,” Petersen announced to the crowd as jaws dropped. “We’re going to give everyone one.”

Glorious GeForce Giveaways

After nearly two decades, the PDXLAN gathering can feel a bit like a family reunion. It’s reminder in PC gaming’s strong roots in informal gatherings of gamers who hooked their PCs together at house parties to play in local area networks.

It’s a sign of the gaming community’s growing influence: the event is usually sold out within minutes of tickets being made available, and participants typically raise more than $75,000 each year for charity. And it’s also a look at gaming’s future – with vendors eager to connect with one of the most influential communities in gaming.

Master Builders

We wanted to do something special for the community at PDXLAN. These are gamers who don’t just use our products, they build their gaming rigs around them — often proudly displaying the GeForce GTX in carefully-crafted see-through cutouts.

So what better group of people with USB drives to match their graphics cards? These 64 GB capacity USB drives feature a fast, fully-retractable USB connector and an integrated eyelet to connect to a keyring.They’re crafted from metal and painted plastic for a premium, weighted feel.

The giveaway caused an uproar online, and off. “Holy moly, that’s incredible,” one tweeted. “Some lucky people right there,” another wrote.

PC Gaming: Stronger Than Ever

We think they liked it. We’ve been part of PDXLAN since it’s inception in 2003. Today, PC games are a $33 billion industry. There are more than 1.2 billion gamers worldwide, with 1.4 billion expected by 2020. That makes it more rewarding than ever for us to connect face-to-face with the gamers who gave rise to all of this.

As part of that effort, Petersen briefed the PDXLAN community on the new generation of thin, light, powerful Max-Q design laptops, and updated them on the latest developments in desktop gaming powered by our GeForce GTX 1080Ti.

We also wanted to show our appreciation, with giveaways that included our full range of GTX 10 series GPUs and our SHIELD Android TV. But it was our smallest giveaway that got our biggest reaction — and gave us the biggest smiles.


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‘Destiny 2’ Latest Milestone for PC Gaming, an Entertainment Platform Like No Other

Home Improvement was on television. Micheal Keaton was Batman. Personal computers boasted speeds measured in megahertz. Twenty five-years ago, PC gaming was a zero billion dollar industry.

But it was about to become a cultural tsunami. Wolfenstein 3D, released in May 1992, showed how the PC could be good for much more than just spreadsheets. The title, released as shareware, spread from user to user like wildfire.

The broader lesson: the PC, open to all comers, would be where a new generation of electronic entertainment would be forged.

Today, PC games are a $33 billion industry. There are more than 1.2 billion gamers worldwide, a figure that will grow to 1.4 billion by 2020, outstripping the most populous nations on earth.

Destiny 2, debuting on the PC later this year, promises to bring the genre Wolfenstein 3D pioneered to new technical heights, and vast audiences.

And as PC gaming has grown, a clear pattern has emerged. Great games drive demand for great hardware. Great hardware drives demand for great games. It’s a virtuous cycle that’s made PC gaming bigger than ever. And with Destiny 2, the cycle continues.

The story behind the story: NVIDIA software and services that keep this glorious cycle moving at an ever faster pace.

PC Gaming’s Glorious Past, Glorious Present



Thanks to the PC’s open architecture, NVIDIA has been on the forefront of the PC gaming trend since our inception, driving PC graphics to new heights. Whether you’re talking about technologies such as transform and lighting, programmable vertex and pixel shaders, or the invention of the GPU, a huge chunk of the 3D graphics innovations for the PC over the last 25 years has been introduced first by NVIDIA.

Those contributions have been woven into an industry that’s faster than ever. And the pace of change in the PC industry is even more remarkable when you consider its size. Look beyond the headline number — gamers measured in billions — and you’ll find a number of big trends.

eSports has turned PC gaming into a spectator sport with huge audiences — with more than 515 million expected to tune in by 2020, up from more than 385 million today, according to market researcher NewZoo. That industry, in turn, grew out of the vast market for online games, which is expected to grow to more than $37 billion in 2020, predicts DFC Intelligence.

The PC industry has become the engine that propels new kinds of entertainment into the lives of hundreds of millions of people because it’s so adaptable. A decade ago, most gamers were equipped with towering PCs. Now, they’re as likely to use a new generation of thin, light laptops.

PC gamers and developers are pioneering VR and AR games that blend the real with the virtual in ways that are impossible on any other platform. That adaptability — driven by the PC’s open architecture — has a long history. Twenty years ago, PCs were strung together for LAN parties, which today have evolved into ever more sophisticated online gaming networks.

Master the Best Games on the PC, Like Destiny 2


Now, Destiny 2 is the latest in a long string of titles that will bring massive numbers of gamers together online to take part in amazing shared experiences. Just as the shareware phenomenon spread Wolfenstein 3D a two-and-a-half decades ago, today’s PC games are available everywhere: from stores to digital distribution services.

That means that indie games from small, innovative developers, and new kinds of games developed on a PC — such as our own VR Funhouse — can be shared with hundreds of millions of PC gamers overnight.

New experiences like these are driven, in part, by the ability to plug newer, faster GPUs into PCs. Our Pascal GPU architecture delivers 5x more performance and 7x the efficiency of the Fermi-based GPUs we introduced seven years ago. We’re working with the broader PC gaming community to perfect new technologies — such as DirectX 12 — that can boost the performance of AAA games by as much as 33 percent after their introduction. And our GeForce Experience platform and Game Ready Drivers make sure gamers get the most out of their individual PC configuration with a single click.

PC Gaming Races Ahead with GameWorks

And, with GameWorks, we’re putting the teams of our engineers — and our latest technologies — at the service of game developers who have made our technologies ubiquitous in PC gaming. Over 1,000 games from two dozen major studios now incorporate GameWorks technologies.

These include ShadowPlay — which has helped gamers generate more than 200 million videos of their gameplay a year; Ansel — which has let gamers generate more than 1 million in-game screenshots; and ShadowPlay Highlights — which automatically generates highlight reels for gamers too immersed in the action to start recording.

So stay tuned. The PC glorious gaming revolution has just begun.



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