Landmark Steam Ruling Opens Door to ‘Used’ Digital Games Market

French courts have delivered a landmark ruling against video game retailer Steam that may be the first step towards turning the tide on the heavily-prohibited secondhand marketplace for "used" digital games. A three-year-long suit mounted by French consumer advocacy group UFC-Que Choisir against Valve, the company behind the popular PC game digital storefront Steam, sought […]

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Massive Steam Update Threatens to Balloon Your Game Backlog

Valve pushes forward ever forward with its massive overhaul of the Steam platform, announcing this week a slew of updates and a new Steam Labs experiment in the works. Micro Trailers and a Revamped Search Function First and foremost, Valve is porting the Micro Trailer test over to the entire Steam library after a limited […]

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‘Steam China’ Store Sadly Divides Global Gaming Community

By CCN Markets: Steam and its Chinese partner Perfect World just announced new details on China's version of Steam. The entire platform will work independently from the rest of Steam and claims it will offer a service tailored specifically for Chinese players. This news is sure to have an impact on Steam's over 30 million […]

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Valve Hypes Machine-Learning Game Recommender after Steam Sale Disaster

This year's Steam summer sale was a lot more underwhelming that many would have thought. The problem wasn't with the discounts; instead, players and developers were disappointed with how Valve incentivized more sales. Valve's 'Grand Prix' meta game for the sale confused both customers and studios, with the addition encouraging users to spend more money […]

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Steam Shuts Down Game for Cryptomining Monero from Gamers

Valve Corporation, the company behind the gaming website Steam, suddenly pulled a game called Abstractism from its store. Customer complaints and the game’s performance metrics point to another instance of crypto jacking. Abstractism has been marketed as a simple platformer where you control a bunch of pixels and try to carry it successfully to the

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Leak: Valve Is Bringing Bitcoin Payments to Steam

 New translation strings in Steam’s Translation Server – a project to localize Steam in 26 languages –  suggest that game developer and digital distributor Valve will soon begin to offer bitcoin as a payment option to the world’s biggest PC gaming distributor and store, Steam. A leaked string from Steam’s translation project has revealed that Valve’s […]

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Steam Rolling Into Your Living Room


The community, content and convenience of Steam are en route to a living room near you. And best of all, it’s free.

Valve is one of the most innovative forces in the gaming industry, and that sentiment is amplified by Monday’s announcement of SteamOS. As a long-time PC gamer, no conversation about the pillars of the game industry would be complete without mention of Valve Software.

From their award-winning and innovative games to the leading PC game distribution and community platform Steam, Valve is synonymous with PC gaming, and the ability to innovate.

Now Valve is at it again. The concept of SteamOS from Valve really hits home with me because there are three things I’m very fond of: big screens, PC games and customer choice. SteamOS is an elegant way to get your PC games into your living room and onto your biggest screen.

SteamOS is built around the already familiar Steam and is a version of Linux. But it’s enhanced for gaming — and for gaming on the big screen in particular. Combined with the fact they’re giving it away to users, and hardware providers, for free, SteamOS has the potential to usher in a new era for gaming in the living room.

This means that anyone can build hardware and software for use in the living room, on an operating system designed to be lightweight, extensible and optimized for gaming. Suffice to say, we here at NVIDIA are very excited.

Engineers from Valve and NVIDIA have spent a lot of time collaborating on a common goal for SteamOS: to deliver an open-platform gaming experience with superior performance and uncompromising visuals directly on the big screen.

NVIDIA engineers embedded at Valve collaborated on improving driver performance for OpenGL;  optimizing performance on NVIDIA GPUs; and helping to port Valve’s award-winning content library to SteamOS; and tuning SteamOS to lower latency, or lag, between the controller and onscreen action.

The collaboration makes sense as both companies strongly believe in the importance of open-platform innovation, and both companies are committed to providing gamers with a cutting-edge visual experience.

Valve will deliver a great, open-platform gaming experience, and NVIDIA will continue to be the best choice for gaming on any open platform or operating system, including SteamOS.