Chip Shot: Intel ENCORE Awarded for Creative Approach to Retirement

Intel’s ENCORE retiree program was honored by Experience Matters, an organization which connects passionate individuals with nonprofits that require unique talent. Intel was recognized for its unprecedented investment in the greater Phoenix community through an innovative program that transitions its retired employees into meaningful work in the nonprofit sector. This video tells the story of Surinder Tuli, an Intel retiree, and how he converted his engineering talents into blessings for the United Way in Mesa, Arizona.

Good Hands: NVIDIA IT Pros Take On a Challenge for Charity


Sure, our IT team can work miracles with technology. But can they put together complicated prosthetics one-handed?

It was at least fun to watch them try. More than 60 gathered at our Santa Clara campus for the devilish challenge. After dividing into teams of three, they put the kits together using just one of their own hands. It wasn’t easy.

But it took the teams of experienced IT pros only an hour to assemble 22 fully functioning prosthetic hands. The Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Hand Foundation’s “Give a Hand Project,” will give these devices to people in need all over the world.

ITDay2The idea, says Dave Reisenauer, senior director, IT business operations, is to combine team building with making a difference.

It’s definitely work worth doing and the effort is one that goes beyond our Santa Clara campus.

Our global IT team declared October to be the official IT Giving Month – and building prosthetic hands is just part of that effort. IT team members from Hong Kong to Europe set up libraries at public schools, volunteered at local food banks, cleaned up scenic spots, and helped school kids learn what it’s like to work in IT.

Chip Shot: Intel ‘Make it Wearable’ Challenge Teams Create Wearables to Address Health, Safety and Well-Being

BABYBE (Chile) and BabyGuard (China) are two entries in the Intel “Make it Wearable” challenge that address the health and safety of babies and mothers. BABYBE connects babies in the NICU with their mothers by sharing the mother’s heart beat and biorhythms to the baby in real time. BabyGuard monitors the health of the expectant mother and her baby to provide real-time information between doctor visits. For sports enthusiasts, First V1sion (Spain) is a broadcast system that allows the player’s point of view to be shown in sports. And Snowcookie (Poland) monitors user’s’ kinetics and physiology and crowd sources ski data to enhance safety, improve technique and connect winter sports enthusiasts. Lastly, the Arc Pendant is a smart pendant that guides using directional haptic or touch feedback, understands voice commands and monitors the body. The 10 final teams find out on Monday if they win the $500,000 grand prize in the Intel “Make it Wearable” challenge. Get more information and see finalist videos in the Wearables press kit.