NVIDIA – And a Quarter of a Million Gamers – Storm Paris


A quarter of a million gamers are crowding into the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles for Paris Games Week.

And NVIDIA is there, participating in the week’s biggest events: the Electronic Sports World Cup, the LDLC.com PC Modding Trophy, and the NVIDIA League of Legend week tournament, open to all visitors.

Gamers of all levels had a chance to get in on the action.

Expect plenty of competition – and drama – at this week’s Electronic Sports World Cup, produced by Oxent, who know how to turn great gaming into great entertainment.

The Best of the Best

The Electronic Sports World Cup brings together the best PC gamers from around the world, and all the gamers participating in this week’s finals will use PCs equipped with GeForce GTX 760 and 770 GPUs.

Check out the live streaming of the event at http://www.eswc.com/en/live.

Gamers will also find plenty of gear worth ogling – starting with the machines for the LDLC.com PC Modding Trophy. The competition will showcase the creations of six of the best French PC modders.

Each of these machines will be equipped with GeForce GTX GPUs. Visitors will get the chance to vote for their favorites and win some hardware the modders selected to design and build their GeForce GTX-boosted PCs.

Factory Fresh Games

And, of course, our gear will be featured by a wide range of system builders. Visitors to Alienware’s booth at the show will be among the first to get some hands-on time with “Batman: Arkham Origins” in the wake of its release this week.

Lighting up the City of Light: Tournaments, giveaways, and demos drew enormous crowds.

MSI will be giving away extreme gaming machines powered by NVIDIA GPUs.

And attendees will get the chance to participate in gaming tournaments – using NVIDIA equipped PCs – and featuring a number of free to play gaming titles.

For more photos and news from the show, visit our French Facebook page at www.facebook.com/NVIDIAFrance.